"The study of a great score is endless, and a conductor is eternally a student."
-Leonard Bernstein, 1955



This section is a collection of ideas about music, ranging from half-baked notions and open-ended questions to deep seated princilples.  In addition to some idle and/or profound thoughts about music from myself and some musicians I admire, there are some notes and analyses of music I am looking at.
The purpose for bringing them together here is partly to organize them all in one place, but also ideally to provoke a dialogue with any who might happen across this site.  I will try to keep posts organized with the tags on the right.  Please don't hesitate to comment if you are perplexed, angered, enlightened, or passionately disagree with anything.
Luminosity: Musical Analysis
Handout- From Development of Wind Repertoire Presentation
Lincolnshire Posy, Mvt. 3 Analysis
Lincolnshire Posy, Mvt. 3 Chart
Principles of Score Study PDF
Analytical Approach